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Business either small or big is a business. Now you’ve successfully launched your business, and built up a solid if small customer base. Business and customers are interdependent on each other, whenever customers respond to your business that time you are trustworthy and when you approach towards customers shows your loyalty. Starting small has its benefits; after all, it allowed you the opportunity to cultivate a loyal relationship with your customers. Now, you’re eager to expand and grow your business. But, growing your customer base is much easier said than done. How do you get more customers for your business?

To help you grow your customer base:

1. When it comes to your pitch, get out of your comfort zone

To grow your business you should expand your customer base. If you are having trouble expanding your customer base, you may be narrowing your focus and with that, missing the mark with potential new customers. This happens because you are showing your regular service plan pitching strategy. If you’re pitching your product service in the same way that you always have, its obvious to have problem with  new customers.

Go against your expectation in marketing strategy. “Selling is the transfer of trust, so instead of relying on a sales pitch you’re comfortable with, focus first on building a relationship with the potential customer.” Only speaking professionally as sales person pitch their plan is not good, you have to make them feel comfortable with your plan and customers should understand meaning of plan and engage with that plan.

Building trust is one of the key ways to reach new customers. “Once you’ve earned their trust, you’ve also earned their ear”.

2. Leverage your existing network

Remember old is always gold. Your existing network may be the best place to reach out to, as their good word of mouth will help grow your customer base.

The best and important thing in business is to maintain a relation with your old customers. Existing customers are taking your business to the next level. And doing direct marketing is not indicating professionalism any more. Instead of direct marketing business should spread out as referral.

 “It’s best to focus on the lowest hanging fruit in the beginning, and to boot, they’re also more likely to recommend your company to their networks. You already have established trust with your network, so leverage that.”

3. Build a “relationship map”          

Building a “relationship map,” which will match your strongest relationships with the areas where there is the greatest need for your product or service. Targeting market for your business is a key skill and it should do in a proper way with proper audience. Mapping and targeting are just planning and plotting of business market. To increase conversion rate of your business that you offer product and service relationship with customers. To This map will help point you in the direction of who you need to reach out to, in order to tap into potential customer bases.

When you first started your company, you should create and found a partner who had the introduction to the client but not the resources to do the work. You partnered, and The Leading company will find. To this day, I continuously update my relationship map, which leads to new opportunities.”

4. Continue expanding your network

While relying on your existing network to expand your customer base is great, you may eventually wind up out of new leads. Maintaining relation with existing and spreading it to new customers is main thing in network. When you find yourself in this situation, you may need to look to expanding your network.

If you have good business idea and you don’t have any backbone or supporter then you can expand your network. Existing customers are very good communicating and referral network.

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