Recruitment and staffing service providing is a thing to find a drop of water in desert which suit that environment or requirement. Recruiter finds a person who has caliber to take responsibilities of that position for which they are going to hire.

Recruitment can be difficult when not receiving detailed interview feedback from clients, and also from candidates. Recruiter is the heart of client’s requirement and candidates need. Being the ‘middle man’ recruiter is a struggle when we are trying to provide a great service to our clients and candidates but honestly don’t have any information to give!

Why is it then that so many recruiters don’t provide feedback to their clients and candidates? We know how valuable it is to us, and it’s just as valuable for them. It’s important that we as recruiters are also providing feedback to our clients and candidates. Whether it’s about their salary expectations or skill level, or perhaps it’s a client who is being unrealistic it’s our job to let them know and help them get on the right track. Feedback gives a one kind message to both clients and candidates to focus for next.

Your Employer Branding

Recruitment agencies provide a best service to their clients by finding active candidates and help the candidates to place in reputed company. If recruitment firms are providing a feedback on time to clients they will recommend your staffing agency to their clients. Leaving a lasting positive impression with candidates & clients is crucial for your employer brand.

Candidates talk, and if they have a positive experience even if they didn’t land the job they will be less likely to criticize your company. They might even recommend your firm to friends and family in the future, and there’s no better marketing tool than word of mouth. Marketing strategy for those who wants direct marketing and quick result to increase their brand value.

Personal Development

Most feedback starts with “I liked them, but the skills weren’t there”. If this is the type of job the candidate wants, then find out what skills the client does want and relay that to the candidate. Candidate should know their need and skills to apply for a job and make career.

Because, recruiters help candidates to reach up to company not to get a job in hand. So, the responsible person is that candidate to prove himself/herself.

They need to know what they need to do in order to get the job that they want, rather than the job they have to take. Most candidates do take feedback on board, and in their shoes I’m sure you would have appreciated the advice too.

You Never Know What You’ve Missed!

By providing candidates or clients with feedback, you might discover something else about them or their skills or the job you’re recruiting for, that may be a game changer!

It’s easy to assume that everything of importance is on the resume or job description, but this isn’t always the case. Now, candidates what they do in resume that don’t put entire information about their knowledge and skills .It shows incomplete information and because of that somewhere miscommunication happens between recruiter and candidate.

The more you talk with your clients and candidates, the more you will know them and what they want and need. This will make it much easier for you as a recruiter in the long run.

Recruiters want feedback because we then know what to look for and what to avoid in future for that particular client or candidate. But remember it works both ways. Providing your client & candidate with feedback is just as important and helpful for all parties involved.

In this blog we have tried to conclude to maintain a feedback from recruiters to both sides for more future opportunities.

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