Customized Recruitment

Recruitment Projects Services give you on-demand assistance to manage recruitment, short-term recruiting projects and niche needs — without the added overhead. Whether you need to build a marketing team quickly for a new product launch or top-grade your entire engineering department, Recruitment Projects is especially beneficial for high volume needs within a defined period of time. If you are a start-up or get a new project or need a quick team to deliver your project, our recruitment team can support to add a quick team to deliver your work.

Niche Recruitment Package

Niche requirement package services give you a complete freedom to manage our team and recruitment life cycle for your niche skills hiring. We will work as core team in your place for short term or long term hiring.Example: If you need to hire BI or or iPhone or S40 or Browser/Web kit then our team will sit with you and fulfill these requirement and back to our place.

Crisis Recruitment Management

Crisis recruitment management services support you when your project on difficult stage. Your project on starting or middle or delivery stage and you don’t have team or need to increase your team or some employees on notice period. We will support you to add team in a short span of time to deliver your project successfully.

Short term recruitment with database building This is a very special recruitment from Montek to start-up, middle and large companies. We will work on your place as core team on any project base, niche skills base, crisis recruitment or any requirement. Our team will support you to close all the positions and build a database that will help you in your future hiring.

“Leverage global resources to find the right candidates fit on your criteria—even for difficult-to-fill positions”