With the help of Mr.Narendra Modi the digital and start-up world is moving first and creating huge job in India market.

On this note, “Montek, a recruitment & HR consultancy headed by Professionals based in Pune looking for Franchisees / Business Partners across India for an exciting business opportunity, who would help Job Aspirants and Clients and who could use this opportunity to change the HR/Staffing trend in India.

Benefits /Support For Franchisee:

Franchising Advantages

If Well Selected Managed, Franchising comes with its advantages

  1. Business Ownership
  2. A certain level of Independence
  3. Brand and name reputation
  4. Customers and market awareness
  5. Defines quality standards
  6. Fast-track to business success
  7. Get quick income and revenue 

Who Can Be Our Partner?

  • 1. Any professional
  • 2. Willingness to undertake aggressive local promotions.
  • 3. Exposure HR/recruitment shall be considered as an added advantage.
  • 4. Can start from home with one computer/ laptop with internet connection.
  • 5. Low investment and minimum risk

Current Talent Trends