Project Management

Project Description

Functional Requirements: Task Organizer: With the Task Organizer feature you can control, manage and co-ordinate projects related activities and tasks. A complete solution for all your project related queries and activities in one platform i.e Project Management System.
Management: You can store details of Clients, Employees and other resources as well. For eg: You can easily find out which employee on which project for which client and the resources used for it also the progress of the Project.
Communication: All the employees working on a particular project can easily communicate with each other with the help of PMS. Developers, Team leaders,Project Managers & Clients can now have effective interactions regarding a project
Distribution: Division of work becomes much organized and an easy to-do task in PMS. You will be able to distribute respective work to many people working without any error or mishappenings
Upload/Download: The upload/download feature saves you from toggling to one window to another. You can upload or download all the files and documents in PMS and access them whenever required.


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