Jalan Health Care

Project Description

Functional requirements:

Electronic Records: In today's age everybody is going green, storing your data digitally is a need and makes life much easier. You can pull out years old data any time you want and also add new ones in a jiffy 
Tracking: Healthcare Management Systems help in keeping the track record of a patient in detailed and a convenient way. His follow ups, doctor diagnosing him, test reports etc. All compiled in one category
Inventory Management: Understanding the stock manually can get really frustrating at times, and especially if you have a large inventory, errors are bound to happen. These issues get eliminated with the help of HMS and you can add, delete and update medicines and organize your Inventory. You can also perform online transactions of products through this software.
Hospital Management: Detailed information about occupancy of your hospital displayed on the screen with HMS. For eg: you can easily view vacant and occupied bed and rooms in your hospital.


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