Ecabs cabs on Mobile

Project Description

BookMyCabis a robust and must have application for your mobile phones. It is an application comprise of mobile version and web application.Mobile version and web application work in coordination with each other.User can access some features ion mobile application and some on web application.ecab-M application divided in two parts.

1)BookMyCab Mobile (For Customer)
2)BookMyCab Web (For Cab Companies and Customer)

Using a mobile application user can find and book cab from anywhere to go anywhere from the list of registered cab companies as per their service areas. Customer application also sends users geographic location to the server for tracking the user.

BookMyCab web based application which allows cab companies to register themselves with the BookMyCab service. Web application takes some basic information from the cab companies like company name, service area, working hours, payment types as well as tariff chart etc.


  • User can get list of registered cab companies with one click.
  • Also can see all the details about cab companies like Contact Details
    Service Area
    Working Hours
    Tariff Chart etc.
  • Also user can get the list of available cars and their contact details for the selected cab companies.
  • Using this customer app user can send an request to book particular cab by selecting it. User need to mention the time as well as to and from location details while booking the cab.
  • Using inbuilt Google map facility application will show users location as well as nearest cab stands or nearest cab on map with their details on marker.
  • User also has ability to add his/her favorite Cab Company if not already exists with some basic details. Then we will check and validate the company and get registered them with the service. So from next time user can able to select hi / her favorite cab company.
  • User can also add comments or rating on service he /she got from the cab company or the cab driver for the particular booking. This will helps cab companies to evaluate their employees as well as help us to evaluate the cab companies.
  • Application will also send users geographic location to server after every 5/10/15/20/ minutes. User can set this option if he wants. Also User can set the time interval after which the geographic data to be send to the server.
  • Customer can get notifications for new offers offered by cab companies.


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