GPS Based Task Manager

Project Description

GPS Based Task Manager system is a must have application which a user can use for his / her personal use of for organizational use also.
Using this application user can keep location based as well as time based live tracking of the tasks assigned to him / her. Application can generate extensive reports for all the tasks and task activities based on start and end time of each task. Also can generate location based reports using this application. Application has two broad task categories.

  • 1. Personal Task
  • 2. Organizational Task

Application can be synch with web system. So task assignments and report pulling can be done easily using web based application. 

  • Add personal task to task list.
  • Prioritization of tasks assigned to him / her.
  • Assign organizational tasks to employee.
  • Add new tasks using the web application.
  • Marking repetitive task with some intervals.
  • Notification for newly assigned organizational tasks.
  • Add task follow-ups for each and every task assigned to him / her.
  • See task activities as well as employee track on built in Google Maps
  • Set location based or time based alarm for each and every task.
  • All tasks. Filter by Category, priority, status etc.
  • Time based reports for all or individual task.
  • Location based tasks list.
  • Maps with all the task activities for each task.


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