Kitchen Order Token on Mobile

Project Description

KOT-M is a must have mobile application for the restaurants. This will simplifies the order taking process in restaurants and minimize the time required to take one order. This application has two parts
1)Where waiter can take order and process the bill
2)Where the person in kitchen can see the orders inline
Waiter can choose a table and take order by selecting respective items from item list. As soon waiter finishes the order that order with all the details gets reflected at kitchen. A person from kitchen has to choose particular item from respective order before processing the order.
Waiter can add, edit or delete the order till he / she will not processed the bill for the order. Application will also provide some extensive reports which helps restaurant owner at the end of the day.
This application can also be directly use by the customer, if restaurant owner can able to provide the handheld / mobile devices for each table in the restaurant. This will minimize the number of waiters he / she have in restaurant.


  • Waiter can take order using handheld mobile devices just by selecting table number and the respective items.
  • Customer can also directly place the order from table if restaurant owner has provided the devices for every table.
  • User can add, edit, and delete the order or order item meanwhile.
  • Each new order will get reflected in kitchen automatically.
  • New KOT (Kitchen Order Token) will be generated for every item in order.
  • Kitchen person can able to select items from each order one by one for processing.
  • As soon as kitchen person selects any item from order that item will no longer available to edit or delete from waiters / customers end.
  • As soon kitchen person marks any item as finished processing the notification will be available at waiters end.
  • If waiter / customer has canceled any item from the order then that will be immediately reflected in kitchen.
  • After customer has finished with having foods, waiter / customer can complete the order and process the bill. Bill print request will be sent to the printer and the respective bill will get printed.
  • Application will also comes with extensive reports
  • All KOTs generated in day/week/Month
  • All canceled KOTs in day/week/month
  • All bills generated in day/week/month
  • Time consumed by kitchen person for processing each item
  • Daily KOT amount and bill amount comparison etc.


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