Project Description

At, IAS aspirants can get and give reviews regarding the quality of various things such as coaching institutes, flats/rooms, broker services, library infrastructure, tiffin food quality, internet services, cook services, maid services etc.

    It contains following a set of tabs and subtabs under each tab:

  1.     Basics-Room/flat,Broker,Library,Photocopy Shop,Internet
  2.     Civil Services-Coaching, Test Series, Modules, Interview, Online Adda
  3.     House Hold-Cook,Hair Salon,Beauty Parlour,Maid(clothes),Maid(cleaning)
  4.     Health-Tiffin, Gym
  5.     Million Dollar Question-Optional, Service, Cadre, Interview Panel
  6.     Miscellaneous-Dry Cleaners, Movers, and Packers 
  •  Reviews can be given across each subtab to each and every service providers under that subtab.
  •  A user has to write a review, select rating & answer set of questions given on the review form.
  •  Based on those reviews to each service providers, the average rating for that service provider is displayed.
  •  A website shows a number of visitors.


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