Catering Management System

Project Description

  • Oxycaterers is catering management system.
  • It manages workflow of customers' enquiries,their conversion into order,adding menu items into orders,calculation and print of billing and invoice,raw material required for order completion and fulfillment of many other activities,operations involved withing catering management.
  • Every caterer can login separately and access data pertaining to his business like customer list,order list,vendor list,menu item list etc.In short,it is multiadmin catering management system.
  • There is one superadmin which keep tracks of caterers,their customers and orders,their monthly and yearly order report.
  • It contain following modules:
    1. Dashboard
    2. Subscription
    3. User management
    4. Customer Management
    5. Sales Management
    6. Store Management
    7. Kitchen Management
    8. Vendor Management
    9. Account Management
  • There are two types of subscriptions.
    • Monthly
    • Yearly
  • Dashboard:
    • Dashboard provides each caterer with his own information like:
      1. Enquiries
      2. Orders
      3. Customers
      4. Raw material stock
      5. Transaction
      6. Report


HTML CSS Javascript Core PHP Mysql Jquery Bootstrap

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